Basic Photography Course (ENG) Amsterdam €125

The Intensive Basic Photography Course combines camera settings and the creative side of photography in a very unique way. You will learn how to correctly set the camera for every situation, while at the same time gaining insight into creative photography and as well as concrete tips about composition. All subjects are presented in a very clear way.

The Intensive Basic Photography Course is the optimal first step for any beginner photographer. Through a purposeful and practical orientation approach, you will leave ‘automatic’ and ‘snapshot’ photography behind forever. The unique 'intensive' set up adds important value to the course: there is a lot of knowledge sharing! Therefore, this course also provides a stable basis for independently developing further as a photographer.

You will learn where to start when making one photograph, the logic behind certain choices, how to make the right decisions and how to make these decisions in correct order.

This is one day course which is always organized on a Saturday. 

The lessons are given in a relaxed and pleasant  atmosphere with plenty of time for all your questions. 

We will make many pictures during the course because the best way to learn to photograph is just by doing it. Therefore, practice is central to this photography course.

INTRODUCTION: Photo equipment and accessories. Use, maintenance, cleaning.

FUNDAMENTALS:  Essential role of light in photography.

CAMERA SETTINGS: Exposure modes: Aperture priority (A / Av), Shutter priority (S / TV), Manual (M). White balance, ISO value, Exposure correction. Focus: Focus mode and focus points.

CREATIVE CONTROL OF DEPTH OF FIELD AND SHUTTER SPEED: How to make an ordinary photo an exceptional photo by depth of field and shutter speed.

SUBJECT SELECTION: The importance of your subject and selection criteria.

CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY: What should you think about taking a successful photo.

BASE COMPOSITION - BASE: The most important elements of composition. 

Course duration: 1 Saturday
Time: 10.00 - 16.00 h
Location: Amsterdam
Course Lecturer: Various  
Number of participants: 8-12
Catering: Coffee / tea / water are offered with compliments.  

After registration you will receive a confirmation and additional information about the course.


Start date: 1th February.
Start date: 21st March
Start date: 4th April

Participation fee: One participant 125 euros / Two participants 210 euros