Basic Photography Course (ENG) Amsterdam

145Two participants €250


Are you a complete beginner to photography? Or do you already have some experience? Have you already followed one or more basic photography courses but still did not learn what you expected? In all of these scenarios, the Intensive Basic Photography Course from Octopus Academy is the best choice in learning what you ought to learn during a basic course.
“This is not the only the best photography course, but its the best course in general that I have ever followed”
Eline Dekker, Intensive Basic Photography Course

We guarantee 100% that this will be the last basic photography course you will need to take. During our course you will certainly learn the logic of the options of your camera settings. Never again will you be faced with doubts like “where do I start” or “what do I do now”. On the contrary, you will be able to correctly set your camera for all kinds of all situations.

All subjects are presented in an unparalleled clear way. Each theory is followed by a series of exercises with your own camera. As a result, you will quickly understand how your camera functions. This is a familiar concept with which we have taught more than 10,000 students the basics of photography in our classrooms over the past 10 years.


The course consists of 27 practical exercises developed by Octopus Academy, which you can perform with your own camera. These exercises make all the difference!


You can ask questions at any time and we will be very happy to answer them. It is not only good for you but also good for your fellow students. This will improve the entire course.


At the end of the course you can test your knowledge and camera skills then you will immediately know what you have learned. The authentic test method developed by the Octopus Academy is not only very effective but is also fun to do!


By keeping the group size limited, we can guarantee that every participant will receive the necessary attention and support.

You can count on our support even after the course. If you have any questions afterwards, you can always email us. You will usually receive the answer the same day.
photography course


An absolutely indispensable piece of knowledge for a beginning photographer is the role of light in photography. This will not only be a big eye opener for you, but will also be one of the most important things you will ever learn about photography

photography course

APERTURE / f number

Learn why this setting is so important and the logic behind the choice of aperture. Learn why f 4 is a good idea to use in one situation but f 16 in another.

photography course


Find out the value of this setting and the logic behind the choice of shutter speed. When and why is the shutter speed 1/100 a great choice and when should it really be 1/1000

photography course


We spend a remarkable amount of time on this absolutely indispensable setting for a photographer. What is ISO, what can ISO mean for you and most importantly: what is the correct ISO value in all occurring situations.

photography course


Take control of your camera and learn how to shoot in all of the main exposure modes on your camera: aperture priority (A / Av), shutter priority (S / Tv) and manual mode (M).

photography course


An indispensable setting if you photograph in A / Av or S / Tv exposure modes. This allows you to determine the exposure of your photo.

photography course


What is white balance, why is this setting important to you and what is the correct white balance mode.

photography course


Learn how to take razor-sharp photos.

photography course


Learn how to ensure you have the desired depth of field in your photo: how do you get everything sharp in your photo and how do you get the foreground sharp and the background blurred (or vice versa).

photography course


Discover the most important composition techniques for a budding photographer.

Don’t have a camera? You can borrow a camera from us free of charge during the course.

Each student receives a course book, writing utensils and lunch of his choice. The course material consists of two parts: a learning / reference part where you can find all the discussed topics of the day and a part with exercises and assignments for a period of 12 weeks.

Every Student Gets

Course Book

writing utensils

lunch of your choice

If you are not satisfied with the course, each student has up to 7 days after the course day to claim back the course fee.
Postpone / Cancel
Postponing or cancelling the course is free of charge up to 15 days before the start of the course.

Course Dates/Location

At this moment we do not organize this course in Amsterdam. 
You can take this course in The Hague.

Location: Amsterdam


Participation fee: One participant 145 euros / Two participants 250 euros


Course duration: 1 Saturday
Time: 10.00 – 16.00 h
Number of participants: 8


Coffee / tea / water are offered with compliments.


Course Lecturer: Various

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